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    Donavon Guyot commented  · 

    Wow... How eerie. I had a similar idea while practicing today. While I think the random note idea is interesting, I would love to see a toggle in practice mode called "memory mode" or something like that. This would simply hide all of the notes, but still play song (if toggled on) and also play the metronome (if toggled on). Having this function in practice mode makes it so that you can select small passages to memorize (thus no real need to randomize). It also still gives the ability to play to play the entire song at 100%, but still with the aid of the metronome and backing track... Or you could turn either off. Might be hard to score without either metronome or backing track, but nothing to stop you from counting and trying... Maybe leave the blank score and still have the rolling note bounce along. Only drawback is that practice mode doesn't include scoring, though I believe it is tracked in the data. I've looked at the sample data extract for ukulele and I can't think of anything this would mess up and it would be easy to add "memory mode" as meta data for any practice session. Ultimately, this addresses one of the largest objections that people have about Yousician style learning, which goes something like "sure I may get to where I can play along with the animation, but am I truly becoming a "real" musician? If you could ever get to the point where you could play everything in the curriculum at 100% from memory, you could do just about anything. This would ultimately be a huge shout out to the Suzuki community, since memory is such an integral part of that system.

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